Thrift Shop

A jewel on a golden crown
Thrifted for a dollar and fit for a queen
A hall of mirror and prisms and frames
Singing forest animals plush with small names
You’ve never been in a shop with her
But you’ve seen her there so clearly
She pieces clothes together with accents of sun
Yellows and greens and light blues and pinks
Her smile is solar and she’s warm to the touch
You’d never guess she was the moon on a daybreak

She’s Snow White with a sexier voice
Plus freckles and much better style
She wades in good spirits and touches things with care
She’s a mother of ideas for her child

When she laughs there’s a tickle that plants in your heart
And it becomes hard to write things that haven’t been said
There are billions of songs on smiles and laughs
And love unfettered and undead
So you take a trip to a shelf of gold
And flowers and earrings and old patterned dresses
And pick out a loved something that has a story
Let her hold a story older than you
So you can begin more than a life’s journey of finding her all the love in the world.

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