Russian Doll Prompt- Think of an Object (I Open X and find Y, I Open Y and find Z, so on…)

I open my car door and find a street with a black snake of tar ripping through like a border from an old life to new

I hobble over the tree that invades all space and reaches its roots into my waist to take hold of my stomach and whisper “hey, it’ll be okay”

I open my mind to the possibility of running before I ring the doorbell and find I am frozen in place

I open the door to find a brunette, big smile wearing my same shirt

I open my mouth to say “it is okay, that means we already got rid of our one mistake today” and I find that pressure picks up its suitcase and waves us goodbye and wishes us luck

I open the door to the Museum of Fine Arts to find frames filled with prompts for my humor

I open her hand when she asks me why the hell I haven’t held her hand yet to find this is going to be easier than I thought because she is confrontational

I open the battery compartment for the TV remote so we can watch our second movie of the day and find that though it is SpongeBob, it beat the first selection by a landslide

I open the plastic wrap off the peeps in the middle of Randall’s to find a stomachache around the corner, and go on to find that my heart won in a match of rock paper scissors and said “suck it up we still have to kiss her”

I open the mail-slot on the porch of my best friend’s house where we went in a panic because I forgot I was cat sitting, to find I am a good liar

I say hey come help me with this the door is locked

I open her hands once more and set her things on the floor when her back is turned and after dishing out commands and summoning the most courage I can I give one last order:

Kiss me

She opens her lips in that breath-snatching smile and we find that a year and a half later we never had to close ourselves from each other because like that date nothing happened for so long but everything happened so fast

and life is tailored to us

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