Cat Got Your Tongue?

Cat Got Your Tongue?

No, just facts.
There’s a ball of air in the back of my throat
With holes, like a net
It lets through the words I could’ve afforded to swallow while the ones I wish would surface
Are stuck in riptide

How was your day?


I can’t muster the energy for italics
Because then I think about how the slanted
Font is a subtle taunt for the unsolved
Puzzles which require more than two hands

And only one suit,
You have 4 guesses
I’ll allow you all 4 because in the end
I’m praying for a person to throw a line
In the tangled water and pull it right out of me

Then my oath is clean and so is my
I can answer a yes or no question
I’m innocent,

One suit
I don’t feel I have it in spades at this moment
A club to the head would be a gift won’t it?
I don’t cry diamond tears, I fear they would
hurt more to withdraw
Force-quitting is exhausting
I’m only human after all

I did it again
I can feel the hook in my finger
It doesn’t hurt until after the fisherman
Packs their bait and calls it a day
And I struggled more out of my own accord
in trying to fish a fishing line
It’s counter to design

Silly me, I should’ve just let you guess,


I should’ve just directed you to smoother waters, of course!

There’s no trouble with your back turned
There’s no trouble if I relax muscle

My, what a vexing word.

How was your day?


How are you feeling?


Want to go fishing?

Sure, you pick the place and time.

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